Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Perez Hilton Overexposed?

I think so. Seen here at the CocoPerez event in New York, Perez chats up Kristin Caverwhatsherface asking about the breeze up his butt. I bet he likes it! Perez, we can M-I-C-your K-E-Y in this shirt! What are you thinking?
More pics of Perez Hilton's shirtordressiness here.

Thanks Lindsay!


MommyLovesStilettos said...

I have to say....I love Perez because he says what a lot of people are thinking but won't say.

But that THING he is wearing is WEIRD and I would be scared his mangina would show at some point. GROSS.

JD said...

ShellSpann - Perez gets cool points because he actually wrote me back when I sent him the link to today's post. Nicely done.

kadler said...

Oh ew. It's one thing for girls to wear short dresses, but quite another for guys to.

Btw, this is such a great idea. Love the site!