Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Maternity Shirt Next Door

I know that this outfit is probably the most clothing Kendra Wilkinson has worn at one time ever, but it's a shirt. A maternity shirt. You're pregnant, chica. Seriously??

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Amanda Show

Seriously, Amanda Bynes. You officially have edged out Britney in shirtasdress wearing. Nice work. I submit to you, dear readers, my list of Amanda Bynes movie puns.

What A Girl Wants? Pants.

Sydney White and the Lack of Drawers

She's the Man? I can see her va-jay-jay. Clearly, she's not a man at all.


Vote for the best one or write your own in the comments. I'm sure we'll need some more in the future...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Wearing a Shirt! Get Me Out of Here!

Man, that Spencer Pratt sure does know how to pull some ratings and get people to talk about him. Fools! Oh crap. That bastard tricked me! Apparently the Pratts caused some trouble on NBC's summer filler show "I'm a Celebrity! Get Me Out of Here!" Celebrity is a loosely used term on the show of course with a cast consisting of the couple famous for doing nothing, an American Idol reject, and a woman famous simply because her husband is a crooked politician from Illinois. Get me my autograph book stat!!! Note to producers: I bet Kathy Griffin wouldn't even do your show and she's on the D-List...

My favorite tidbit of info on Spencer and Heidi that I've read was Spencer comparing their celebrity status to that of Brad and Angelina. Riiiiight. But see, they actually have jobs and stuff. Awards, too. Spencer, you're not a producer and Heidi, you will never have a music career. Other antics included crying and much complaining but don't blame them - the devil made them do it.

I wonder if the devil made her wear this shirt as a dress...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't You Steal My Username!

Inspired by the whole Obie Fernandez debacle (as well as Maxie's saga), I decided to jump on the bandwagon and snatch up my username before some Mike Pence wanna-be participated in some COMPLETE F*CKING BULLSH*T. Oh wait, I don't take myself that seriously. And I don't understand the point of usernames.* Oh well. Anyway, I went to see if my first name was taken and yeah, it's gone. By whom you ask? Oh, just THIS chick. How serendipitous is this?!? Thank you, Facebook Usernames, you have given me content for June 15th's post. Boo yah. Maybe you have a point after all.

*You might say, "JD, it's so you can easily direct people to your page." Um... or you could just search for my name...?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Q: What do you call a female Douchebag?

A: A Douchevag.

Yeah, I know. I'm hilarious. It's no secret I absolutely loathe Ed Hardy. Last month, I done told some loser wearing an Ed Hardy shirt that he was a total tool - yes, alcohol was involved. The poor guy. He was just trying to use the bathroom at the Quick Trip by da club. It's not my fault he thinks a huge obnoxious cat with rhinestone accents on a yellow t-shirt made for men isn't absolutely ridiculous. Seriously dude? You have a cat on your shirt. And rhinestones. You wear your sunglasses inside, don't you?

At any rate, here's what he would buy you if you were his girlfriend. Aw, the douchebag and the douchevag. Together, they would be unstoppable. That is, of course, until they tripped and fell on their ass. Wearing sunglasses in da club is hazardous.

Note: For $152, I'd expect something that at least covers my ass.