Sunday, November 22, 2009

If you Liked it the You Should Have Worn some Pants with It*

I'm sure Beyonce is too busy keeping track of her 17 bags of luggage containing, among other things, 25 wigs, but I'm a little miffed why the usually fashionable diva would step out in her nightshirt. Or maybe since her luggage was staying in a separate hotel room, this is all she had on her. That's fair, I guess.

It's pretty long enough but still looks ODD to me. At least her ass isn't hanging out.

*Yes, I think I used this for a Beyonce shirt joke before, but c'mon, it's a good one. Maybe I could have done: "All the Pantless Ladies! All the Pantless Ladies!" Whatever.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Forever Up My @$$

I love a good trip to Forever21. I mean, I can kill it in there and walk out with a pretty full yellow and black bag of goodies to help me look stylish and pretty. You know, we girls love to look pretty.

But I also have to endure mannequins dressed like this model:

Ladies, y'all KNOW you're not going to look like this model in this Sweater "Dress" and you know you're going to Hooker-it-Up with some Hooking Up Hooker Boots (or as I like to call them, HUH? Boots) and you KNOOOOOW your friends are going to LAF at you behind your back and if you live in the Atlanta area YOU KNOW I'm going to see you out at East Andrews wearing this and snap a pic on my camera phone and post you up here. Sigh. That was a run on sentence.

Please wear this with skinny jeans and some cute black boots that don't go up your knee. I mean, it'd be super cute, right?

Please at LEAST wear some black leggings underneath.

No, tights are NOT pants and you will be ridiculed if you wear them.

Lastly, FAIL if you try to wear these with those patterned tights that look like you have some weird skin rash.

If you don't believe me, bend over. Yes, your lady bits are hanging out. Dress denied. BAM.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebs! They're Just Like US!

They open car doors!

"I'm too drunk to feel a draft... at least I'm getting in the PASSENGER side!"

They carry huge Mary Poppins purses!

"I got an umbrella in me bag, I do!"

They wear shirts as dresses!

"I'm hot again, haven't you heard?"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh dang.

Jami over at Date Wrecks emailed me this picture:
From the aptly titled and totally NSFW blog, "I am friends with sluts."

Man, table service is DANGEROUS.

---Don't forget to vote for the AWESOME Olan Mills Portrait in the Halloween Costume Contest! Voting ends Monday!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guess How Much of My Ass is Showing

Hey you in-your-late-20s-crowd:

Remember that joke - "What kind of jeans are you wearing?"
"I don't know. What kind?"

And on and on and on it went...

It was like our updated Abbott & Costello. Anyway, I still love most of Guess's collection (especially since they have all those "G" belts and jewelry that's perfect for Georgia gamedays), but this? UGGGGGGGGGH.

The fabric looks sooo thin. I mean, really? A dress? Really?

Here's one of the reviews on Macy's:
"it is a really cute short dress, the only thing about it is you need to wear tights or something as it is see through in the bottom."
I really have an issue with you right now, Guess. Because you know some tart is going to prance around in this without tights or get up on top of a bar without underwear and someone is going to be subjected to it. Damnit. Make your clothes more tart-proof.

That is all.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Most Excellent Halloween Costume Ever

Alright, I took a break from blogging this Halloween (...or this fall entirely...sorry). This isn't blog topic related but it is blog worthy.

Please please please please vote for the "Olan Mills Portrait Guy" in the Spiralween costume contest.

Seriously, do y'all want Zombie Girl to win?

In closing, this is the most blog topic related Halloween costume:
Hope y'all have had a fantastic Halloween and I hope to get my head out of the sand VERY soon!