Monday, November 9, 2009

Most Excellent Halloween Costume Ever

Alright, I took a break from blogging this Halloween (...or this fall entirely...sorry). This isn't blog topic related but it is blog worthy.

Please please please please vote for the "Olan Mills Portrait Guy" in the Spiralween costume contest.

Seriously, do y'all want Zombie Girl to win?

In closing, this is the most blog topic related Halloween costume:
Hope y'all have had a fantastic Halloween and I hope to get my head out of the sand VERY soon!


P said...

Now voted!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I had to go with "my little ponies," although "troop 69" was a close second.

real estate agent in Vancouver BC said...

Hi. Nice photos, some costumes look very good. One of my most favorite were the zombies because me and my wife had very similar costume last Halloween on the party at our friends place here in Vancouver. It's sad that it's over but I've got now inspiration for the next Halloween.

Have a nice day,

Maxie said...

Did you steal that picture from jenn's blog? She totally dressed up as risky business this year! haha