Friday, October 24, 2008

Don't worry dad! A Brazilian Steakhouse and a shirtordress cancel each other out!

This story comes from my brother in Virginia. He and his wife went to a Brazilian steakhouse the other night which basically means they went out for all you can eat meat (they have a red/green flapper and green means keep bringing da meat, red means stop). Apparently there were some high schoolers there for Homecoming dinner (dumbest idea ever).

My brother: Yeah, that has to be the dumbest idea ever. What girl is going to be frisky after eating 4lbs of meat? All you can eat=not getting any.

He then explained that one of the girls was wearing a dress that looked like a slip and that her ass cheeks were close to making an appearance SHIRTORDRESS!SHIRTORDRESS! Of course, given the slip reference... SHIRTORDRESSORLINGERIE! SHIRTORDRESSORLINGERIE!

me: oooh! did it look more like a shirt?
brother: pretty much
me: yes!
you should have taken a picture for my blog
brother: sorry, if I would have known about I would have taken a pic
and risked getting arrested for being a perv
me: no worries
brother: I'll keep it in mind as a prowl the streets
me: yeah, please

My brother said that everybody at his table kept saying - what were her parents thinking???

Which brings me to today's poll:

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