Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another LAMEBOOK Background Check

I seriously feel like 84% of Lamebook Background Check posts include a girl wearing a Shirt or Dress in the background. We've seen these before and I'm sure we'll see them again! This just proves my point that if you want to get made fun of, this garment's for you. Clearly this picture was taken simply to document the sheer ridiculousness of this chick's "outfit."

I really can't tell how this girl thought she could wear this as a dress. I realize she's obviously trying to pull her dress down and that guy is obviously trying to pull her dress up but... it really just doesn't look dresslike in any way to me even with the belt. You can't just throw a belt on a shirt and say - Ta-da! Belt does not make a dress. In other news, that girl's skirt makes me want to play an 80's video game. That is all. Let the voting commence.

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mortalandpester said...

Even if we assume that shirts (after a certain length) are acceptable to wear as dresses, there's no way this chick's shirt falls into that category. I might even still be willing to forgive this faux pas if she covered her ass up with some leggings (which, I know, are not pants, but at least they're SLIGHTLY more substantial) she chose to let it all hang out of those lace tights. Gross.