Thursday, April 15, 2010

WTF? I'm sexist?

Apparently, I'm a hateful bitch. And a sexist! And a dude! Um... even though I don't like to show it off in da club, I have a vagina. 

Anyway, back to the part about me not being a sexist. Here's a dude that looks like a total slut bucket.

I'm not sexist, see?! 


WhitneyA said...

i think she took a lot of stuff out of context. i had to stop reading her post because it also made me mad.

if anything you're trying to save the world. its commendable.

Yvette said...

So I have to admit that I'm more of a "blog reader" and not much of a "blog commenter" ... buuuut I had to sit on my hands not to say things I would regret on that other blog. So here are my two brief comments:

1. your blog is hilarious to me, and um yeah, not everyone is schooled in great humor like we are. So sad, but whatevs.


2. The other blog ... well not quite as humorous, especially because she made such a big stink about it going on and on and blowing it a little out of proportion, IMHO. I have to shake my head and admit that some people just don't realize that out of the however many people that populate this earth there are going to be just as many different viewpoints and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it so STFU already with trying to get people to agree (can you tell I've been burned?) .... Reminds me of this girl I met once who said "the B word" referring to "bitch." She was in her 20s. I don't understand ... they say "shit" on TV and you can't say "bitch" in public? *sigh* ... thanks for listening. /rant

mortalandpester said...

No matter what you do, say or think, there's going to be someone out there just waiting to be offended by it. I think your blog is hilarious, as I'm sure you know. Why do I suspect that the butthurt blogger who took such great offense to you saw herself -- either literally, or figuratively -- amongst your entries, and THAT is what spawned her hate-fueled diatribe?