Friday, April 30, 2010

Dress: Australian for Shirt

Foster's isn't actually Australian for beer. Despite the claims of the ads, apparently it's not widely enjoyed in Australia. Liars. 

Okay... so today I'm back again with the Aussie humor. I'm sorry, Australia. REALLY I AM. Although you really shouldn't be complaining. Y'all have koala bears and men who look like Russell Crowe walking around your streets. Bite me. I'm just MIFFED by your Supre store. MIFFED. 

Here are some samples of Supre's "Dresses."

And this nightmare... which doesn't look really bad until you realize that the shirt is see-thru and her tights are showing. Listen, Supre.  I know that water spins differently in your toilets and stuff down there, but seriously!? Seriously!?!

Who looks good in this crap? The models don't even look good in this crap.

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