Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun With Twitter!!

As you OBVIOUSLY probably already know, we're into social networking. You can find Shirt or Dress? on Twitter, Facebook, and at beer festivals. Any who, I use Tweetdeck to track all the SoD happenings on the interwebs. Love the search functionality. If you mention wearing shirts as dresses in your tweets, I will find you! Here's some fun stuff.

 Thanks to readers who tweet material such as:  @dazzledsteph, who said:
@shirtordress When I saw this postcard on PostSecret today, I immediately thought of you... http://bit.ly/cc3adW

 I lose my faith in humanity... 

@onedancinblonde: this is a shirt, but....I'm going to wear it as a dress, is that okay? if its not, i'm still doing it.  http://tinyurl.com/2fyyapz
 Here's the garmant in question, BTW:

...And regain my faith in humanity, like when @ChristineMiX  tweeted:

Remind me to buy a shirt and wear it as a dress. Apparently, it's all the rage right now. #Geez
Pleasedo not wear: 1. White heels 2. A shirt as a dress 3. Heels w a denim skirt or 4. Your Halloween cat woman costume to a bar. 

 And finally, I laugh a lot. Like @love_lely who has this as her profile pic:
I showed this pic to Jami of Date Wrecks fame/@DateWrecks.The consensus between us was shirt. Or shorts pulled up to her shoulders. Anyway, it gets worse. She also tweeted:
Prof: do u usually take your boyfriends shirt put a belt around it & wear it as a dress? Me: do you usually pay that much attn to me?
Professor give that girl an A! That is, of course, assuming that she's taking a class on how to be defensive and vain.


Maxie said...

I saw that you tweeted that you think leggings are pants.


online dissertation writing service said...

haha u make me laugh and that twitter comments are fun reading! definately its a dress. shirt should be short in length so that it goes with the jeans! Anyways dress well😂 :)