Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reality Check: It's a shirt

Mindy, from NBC's reality show Momma's Boys, is a pretty girl. She seems sweet. So why is she wearing a baggy tunic (aka SHIRT) as a dress? Cmon, chica.

Mindy's not the only reality show star to wear this trend. The Ikki Twins - yeah, Ikki is right, are apparently repeat offenders according to Maxie over at I Hate So Much. Wow. Seriously??

They're kidding, right?


Andhari said...

ahh the last pictures are scarring my mind. gahhhhhh, wear a pantsssss

Subway Gal said...

I actually think that if the girl in the first picture had smaller boobs, the shirt would actually look like a dress. And what's up with the skanky lesbians in the last pic?

Mrs. Match said...

Ewww I can see her butt cleavage!