Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reality Check: It's a shirt

Mindy, from NBC's reality show Momma's Boys, is a pretty girl. She seems sweet. So why is she wearing a baggy tunic (aka SHIRT) as a dress? Cmon, chica.

Mindy's not the only reality show star to wear this trend. The Ikki Twins - yeah, Ikki is right, are apparently repeat offenders according to Maxie over at I Hate So Much. Wow. Seriously??

They're kidding, right?


Anonymous said...

What's up with that blue outfit? Do you think she knows that people can see her ass?

Andhari said...

ahh the last pictures are scarring my mind. gahhhhhh, wear a pantsssss

Subway Gal said...

I actually think that if the girl in the first picture had smaller boobs, the shirt would actually look like a dress. And what's up with the skanky lesbians in the last pic?

Mrs. Match said...

Ewww I can see her butt cleavage!