Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Exhibit A: You need more stripes.

Like, AT LEAST 2 more. please. OW.

Helpful Hint: If your friend is a foot taller than you, your hemlines shouldn't be in the same spot. Ahem, Snooki, do you hear me??


Vivian said...

The "matching hemline" is a good rule of thumb. Ugh, so gross!


Morgan said...

You can always tell high-class hotels by (1) the awesome bedspreads, (2) the fact that the room opens directly to the outside, (3) the classy carpet, and (4) the well-constructed dresser. Those are some uptown girls right there!

Anonymous said...

Hemlines are the same length because legs are the same length. The woman in the black dress has a longer torso.