Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gym Tanning Laundry Shirtordress?

I KNOW 4'9" Snooki wears shirts as dresses. My question: since she's basically a midget, is this acceptable? Wouldn't a typical dress drown her? She's still wearing a pretty high hemline but she's so darn cute, I just want to pat her on the poof, feed her a pickle, and say "Good little Snookers" after she punches out some hippo hoodrats for me. they're everywhere, just like ninjas. stupid ninja hippo hoodrats.

I want to see Wendy Williams and Snooki go to Karma together to creep on some guidos. And then maybe Joel McHale can make fun of it for me. THAT would be entertaining.

PS - If anyone can find a picture of JWoWW's Lady Gaga-esque ensemble, let me know. Does she really have a JWoWW belt buckle?

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