Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to win a game of beer pong! Jon discuss the shirt/dress

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This is my guest post on Shirt or Dress. To be honest I had some
great post ideas that involved me or my friends dressing in drag and
having my friends girlfriend comment on our attire. Sadly it did not
work out due to time constraints and a heavy workload.

So instead I ran through my facebook photos for some scantly
clothed females that might have attended one of my frat parties back
in the day. I realize that our parties were in a cold frat basement so
their weren't a lot of skirts/dresses going on.

The bars would have been perfect for documenting said phenomenon
(shirt or dress) however I rarely bring cameras to bars with me so
I've got none of that.

Instead I've got a girl that caught my friends eye during beer pong
and led to my several wins. She was dressed up as a slu.... cop? I'm
pretty sure she was wearing a dress but when sitting down looked like
she was wearing nothing. I would call this outfit more of a shirt as
the dress part is clearly not doing it's job.

Please ignore the hand with the ping pong ball attached to the body
wearing the priest outfit.


Anonymous said...

HA HA not fair. I didn't NEED her to sit behind me so I could win. It just helped a little.

Anonymous said...

shirt. no contest.

Lacey Bean said...

SO a shirt.

And there is a girl in my office today clearly wearing a shirt as dress. It would be awkward to try and picture though, so I am refraining.

Anonymous said...

I've never needed a scantily clad girl sitting behind me to win.

to be fair out of maybe 100 games i've won like 10, so maybe I should get one

JD said...

@jon: I don't doubt your beer pong skills! I just think you hire hookers to distract your opponents and cheat ;) hehehe

@emxmi: i agree

@lacey: c'mon, be a ninja!

@wishmewell: it works. ask jon.

B said...

heh. that is definitely a shirt... dear goodness.

Subway Gal said...


And definitely a dress. A dress intended for a 9 year old.

jb said...

Wonderful blog!!- Rally enjoyed my visit- thank you for the lovely photos

Anadia -Aveiro-Portugal