Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Macy's, Macy's - Why have you forsaken me!?!?


"A country-chic plaid shirtdress that can be worn with leggings or over jeans..."

Oh really!? Then WHY is your model wearing NEITHER?

Thanks to Kim Burley for submitting this gem.

Also from Macys:

"a timeless look that's always in style"

God I hope not.

"takes you from a day out with friends to a hot date at night"

Somehow, I think everyone would ask me who I hooked up with the night before if I wore this during a "day out with friends." Who wants brunch? I'm wearing this. Seriously, M. You're lucky that I love your Thanksgiving Day parade and your one day sales or else I'd be cutting up my Macy's card stat...


Maxie said...

The first one is amazing! Way to go macy's.

Laurie Stark said...

Come on, JD! That second one is totally a dress! A hideous dress, but a dress nonetheless. The first and third? Definitely shirts. Hideous shirts.

Also, your CD will be in the mail later this week! Hollah!

JD said...

Yeah yeah, I guess the hemline is long enough... But, while on a quest for another shirtdress, I saw it and had to include it.

Excellent. I look forward to rocking out this holiday season.

D* said...

Lolol.. But babe, it can be worn with LEGGINGS or JEANS.. hahah.. It's nice they're giving the shirt/dress options.. hehe ;D

Anonymous said...

All those dresses are pretty fabulous. First one is my most favorite.