Sunday, November 16, 2008

Note to self: Tights are NOT leggings.

The following is an e-mail I received from a reader. I love that Shirt or Dress Spotting is catching on. If you have any funny stories, feel free to email them my way @

Friday at my work (on a college campus) I saw the most egregious shirt v. dress crisis IN THE WORLD, and because you have this amazing blog dedicated to this exact topic, I felt that I should share:

amazing!? did she call my blog amazing?! yeah, that sounds about right.

A young woman was wearing what is WITHOUT A DOUBT a shirt paired with sheer black tights. She seemed to think that the tights solved the problem of her wearing a shirt as a dress, which, in the case of actual leggings, I might be willing to forgive her for, but in the case of SHEER NYLONS I can't. From the front this outfit just looked awkward (and weather inappropriate, as it's mid-November in Seattle), but when she passed me and I saw 1/3 of her ASS, unflatteringly covered by black sheer tights, I was horrified. If your messenger bag causes your shirt to ride up and expose your ass, you cannot under any circumstances try to pass it off as a dress. It's that simple.

SHEER NYLONS? In Seattle? At least they were not "nude" or "suntan." Yeah, I know all of the Leggs' shades. Also, I'm suspecting this chick is definitely not an "A" or "B" size.

So the moral of my anecdote is this, I guess: shirts worn as dresses must be paired with leggings or real pants. Tights are not an acceptable substitute.

Amen, sista'

That's all. I felt like you'd be the most sympathetic ear for this story. Also I should mention that I haven't gotten any work done since I started looking at pictures of SODs.

How funny! I haven't gotten any work done since I started writing it...

Yes. Let's all take a moment to reflect on the lesson learned from this lil' vignette just shared with you. Now, dear readers, go spread this lesson so that no one you know, love, and/or care about subjects an innocent bystander to this sort of atrociousness.

- JD

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Maxie said...

So true.

And I agree with that I found this site all I do is look for more ridiculous SoD pics! You should have seen tyra on ANTM last week. She was totally rocking a shirt as a dress. LOL