Monday, November 17, 2008

Was there a "Most Likely to be a Skank" senior superlative at YOUR school?

Anonymous from Anonymousville in North Anonymouslina writes:

I am sad to admit I went to high school with these skanks. I saw this picture and immediately thought of your blog. Enjoy.

And attached was this lovely picture, lovingly saved as "skanks.jpg."So, I'm pretty sure these girls are Anonymous's best friends EVER.


So@24 said...


What a brilliant idea for a blog

Kap said...

yeah, not a good look!

Emily said...

hahahahaha what skanks.

and yes, the snagglepuss skit was funny. hilarious even! :]

but i think the best part of that skit was the superfluous use of the phrase "Heavens de Mergetroy!"


Courtney said...

HAHAHA holy mother of God your site is amazing! I was cracking up reading all of your posts. For the record, I think if you even have to ask of it's a shirt or dress, it's most likely a shirt! But that's just me :) Love love love!

8 said...

Scene: Sitting in casino ballroom, waiting for comedians to begin show.

ME and MY BRIDE, slightly poorer than we were 2 hours ago, giggling like drunk schoolkids. We're not, we're just giddy, but you'd think we were.

Having exhausted several conversational topics, ("Was Steve Harvey here? No, that was Caesars. Was Steven Lynch here? Yeah, I think so." "Why are they putting pictures of penises on the wall?" "Did you know Yes is going to play here? Scott Weiland, too."), we've moved on to Criticizing Women's Outfits.

ME: "That one, coming up the near aisle."

MY BRIDE: "Her?"

ME: "Yeah. That dress is really inappropriate."

MY BRIDE: "That's because it's a shirt."