Thursday, November 6, 2008

The votes have been counted! The ballots are in!

In the spirit of the election, I thought I'd recap to you, my constituents, the results of October's shirtordress polls.



Dress! Also, Pantyhose is ridiculous!

Dress!? (y'all are insane!)

SHIRT! (my faith is restored!)

Dress! Also, Kristy Swanson was better than Kim Catrall in Mannequin. HUH?

Skankiest Halloween Costume!

Her boobs ARE fake!

Club Cheetah Stripper

She's totally firing her stylist (and she's totally wearing lingerie)

TIED. 50/50 on shirt OR dress.


Shirt. More specifically, Jennifer Biels's shirt from Flashdance.

Britney Spears, pregnant again.

Maternity shirt


Subway Gal said...

I know this makes me a skanky hoe, but I was totally that ref in that exact outfit 2 Halloweens ago!! But in my defense, I'm not a big Halloween fan so I just go out and buy a costume in a bag and 90% of the female costumes are skanky.

JD said...

I'm okay with skankness on Halloween! It's the one day of the year you CAN dress like a hooker. In fact, they should rename it Hookerween. :)

Caroline said...

Hahaha I love your blog. It's so funny!!