Friday, March 27, 2009

"It's fun to wear a shirt as a dress!"

Direct quote from this chick's Flickr page. Some highlights include:


You decide:

But would you expect anything less from someone with the above picture in their photo album?? Um... again - really!?


Maxie said...


smashed ass said...

Ok, that's the worst one yet!

Andhari said...

oh my god.

John Hancock said...

For someone who runs a blog that is supposed to be humorous (and, OK, I will admit that it is), you don't seem to recognize when other people are NOT being serious.

That Flickr account belongs to my wife and me. We use it to store almost every photo we take. We started getting so many comments and messages that we started having fun with (and making fun of) the whole Flickr experience.

The "It's fun to wear a shirt as a dress!" caption is poking fun at that concept (which is what your entire blog is about). As for the shocker pic you mentioned, you'll find numerous 'shocker' pics in the photostream as well, and not one of them is serious. Hell, we even made a whole Flickr photo set of stupid-ass shocker pics.

How could you take us seriously when we have a photo set called One Man's Love Affair with Soup for crying out loud?

Also, if you are going to link to someone's page, isn't blacking out their face a little pointless? Just an observation.

The 'cougar' tag is pretty funny though.

JD said...

Oh, John. If I didn't take y'all seriously, I wouldn't have anything to write about. But I'm glad you like the blog and kudos for you two for having fun with the interweb tubes.

As far as blacking out the faces, you could down the link at anytime you like so that's the point.

Thanks for the material!!!

John Hancock said...

Tongue in cheek captions don't always translate when read on a screen, so taking us seriously is understandable. Besides, it's only when people on Flickr think we are serious that we get the comments and messages that give us a laugh.

What gave us the idea to make fun of shirts as dresses was a tacky group called 'Shirts as Dresses' or something just as witty. I looked and apparently that group has been deleted or hidden, but the equally "classic" Flickr groups Short Skirts Or Are They Belts and Belt or Skirt?!?! might have some material you could use.

Have fun and good luck!

ellabella said...

shoes like that should not be allowed to exist.

Anonymous said...

I saw those shoes at the store and wondered who would actually wear them....