Monday, March 2, 2009

The Shirt or Dress Litmus test

If you can't sit down in your SOD without showing your panties, it's a SHIRT. Exhibits A-E below.

Ex. A:
Ex. B
Ex. C
Ex. D

Ex. E
Any questions?

Now, these pictures were all taken in Vegas. They are all shirts. They is no need for analysis here. I was in Vegas about a month ago and one of my friends wanted me to go out with her to Tao. Sure, I thought. However, I didn't bring much in terms of going out clothes as I was in town for a work function and didn't think we'd have the time. So I asked if I could borrow something. EVERYTHING IN THIS GIRL'S CLOSET WAS A SHIRT. Then I realized - the dress code IS a bit different here. Vegas is like Halloween. You can dress like a skank and get away with it, Yes? So my question today is this: Are SOD's okay in Vegas?


S.Vincent said...

anything goes in vegas. But if you wear a shirt you gotta BE a shirt. Body glitter, shots of soco and lime, lots of eye shadow, questionable men make out sessions, and grinding dance moves.

"If the shirt fits, WEAR IT"
"when in rome......"

Loxy said...

I think the hem line goes up in Vegas, but there is still a line that gets crossed into shirt territory.

For instance in the last picture, there is a girl in something blue, I'd say that is appropriate because when standing it will cover her ass with some wiggle room - many of these others are still shirts though.

Anonymous said...

The big question is whether Essodee borrowed one of her friend’s shirts and hit the town. Et tu, Essodee?

JD said...

Yep. Guilty. But we posted the picture somewhere on this blog...

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the poor girl in Exhibit D isn't wearing any pants at all, and she is clearly wearing a shirt. She must have been wasted already by the time she left her house and forgot to put her pants on!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... How mysterious. I'm guessing that Essodee was the girl in the picture posted under "Back that shirt up!"