Thursday, March 19, 2009

We're still here!

I went on vacation last week to la-la land. West Land of Shirtordresses. If Vegas is number one, La-la land is a close second for Shirtiest City in the US.

While I was gone, some of our readers sent in some awesome finds:
Heidi Renee says:

"She lost her pants and she liked it!"

Maxie says:
"WTF is up with amanda and the SoD?!"

Finally, Anonymous sent in this picture:
"I recognize that your blog has thoroughly explored the topic of whether tights can substitute for pants. On that basis, this picture is not out of the ordinary. However, I found this outfit particularly interesting because of the belt. Could it be worn any higher? Exactly what is the purpose of that belt?"

Coincidentally, I wore a belt around a shirt on Tuesday and got hell for it. I believe the exact question I was asked was "what exactly is the point of that belt??" which is more or less what Anonymous said.

However, I didn't wear it that high. I swear. And the point of it? My shirt would have looked like a maternity shirt without it. Also, I was wearing pants.

Belt or no belt - is that a shirt or dress?


Anonymous said...

On girl #1 - it's not a shirt or a dress. She's wearing a very stylish, blue, full-body kilt.

Heidi Renée said...

Dear Katy Perry,

MacBeth called. He wants his shirt back.