Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's the Shirt Dress Gang!


Plus this...

Equals this:

"Shirt Tales" was a TV cartoon about a panda bear, tiger, mole, raccoon, and a monkey that lived together in a tree, wore t-shirts, and zipped around the world in an imaginary car/jet/boat/submarine avoiding the park ranger. I'm not really certain what the point was like why would a raccoon live with a panda???, but it's important to remember that this was created in a decade that also spawned a certain cartoon about a bunch of tiny blue things that lived in mushrooms so.... whatever. People did drugs in the 80's. Obviously.

On the other hand, the "Shirt Dress Gang" is a bunch of skanks who forgot to wear pants while cramming around the DJ booth as a means to work out their daddy issues. they also probably do drugs (obviously).

Coincidentally, this DJ hasn't seen this must action since "Shirt Tales" last aired in 1985.

*Okay, technically there is really only one shirtordress in this picture. The others are just skanking out in lowrise jeans or just really short skirts, but any excuse for me to bust out my Microsoft paint skillz and I'm there! Thus, the ShirtDress Gang is born.

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Alright, now the poll (for the girl on the left):


Subway Gal said...

Um, is that BUTT showing on the chick on the right??

D* said...

Lol you are amazing. <3