Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Forever A Shirt

Y'all know how I feel about Macy*s... well, here comes Forever 21 trumping Macy*s by a LONG shot. And a big thanks to Melody for bringing this atrociousness to my attention!

THIS item is clearly filed under tops on their website. Thanks for portraying it as a "top" so well, F21!


Also in the tops section...
WHATTHEHELLISGOINGON??!! Isn't she cold!? It's effing winter!

Screw Forever 21, I'm shopping at Charlotte Russe for all my socheaptheyllfallapartafteronewash items. Surely they would never mis label a shirt as a dre- aw, crap! Nevermind.

Apparently, you must pay more for a decent amount of fabric. Which I guess makes sense...
Banana Republic, here I come!