Monday, December 1, 2008

It's a shirt, bitch!

Anyone catch Britney Spears's documentary on MTV last night? She went shopping with her assistant in one scene and they debated on whether or not she was trying on a shirt or a dress.

Britney: Sarah Jessica Parker could wear it as a dress
Asst: You're not Sarah Jessica Parker.
Britney: You don't think?
Asst: It's a shirt.
Britney: Okay, it's a shirt.

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She finally figured it out. We were worried...

I secretly looooove Britney. :)


Gigi knows best! said...

I secretely love Brit too! And I HATE that I missed her special last night. Good thing it's MTV and they reply stuff a bajillion times!

Maxie said...

haha I totally thought of you when I watched it last night. It was TOTALLY a shirt. Thank god her friend was there.

Emily said...

OMG I KNOW. i definitely thought of you when i saw this last night and was praying that you saw it too! hahahaha hilarious.

but i secretely love Britney as well. :]

Katie Says So said...

omg i sooooo thought of you and your blog during this part of the show!!! haha!! too funny!